Portfolio Project Detail

ASSERTOR Mohamed Eid and Mohamed SameehShaalan

The problem is that in the few past months there was an outbreak of a new disease from a local market in Wuhan, China that developed and became a worldwide pandemic. Governments around the world found out that they were not ready to deal with such crisis due to the lack of experience of dealing with such problems. This project is concerned of putting a manifesto to how to deal architecturally with these pandemics and develop resilient buildings and urban spaces to medical emergencies.

The projects provide the solutions for the problem through everything related to architecture and urban planning in several aspects. Defining several cases of occurrence of an outbreak of a disease then associating these cases with scenarios of creative ideas on how to prevent it from spreading out and how to face it till it becomes under control. This project is all about proposing new standards for city planning, urban design and architecture design to help provide safe environments with new lifestyle perspective for the people to prevent the outbreak of new diseases and to help face them in case of its occurrence.

The project is to help the city and users to live within safe, health, green, and prosperous environment during the several scenarios for pandemic, transforming the function of the building according the level of infection and acting as emergency center. The project consists of one module in which the function of the module changes as per infection level at the city used to be (residential, entertainment, educational, transportation hub and medical) in which the functional to be transformed with different ratios of uses. the building contain bike center, metro-station, seed bank providing the city with necessary food during emergency cases and green house.

The main concern is to prevent the outbreak of new diseases by creating a society that lives with a new perspective towards life that decreases the possibility of such outbreaks. The main value is to have a prototype of cities resilient to pandemics that is applicable everywhere around the world.