Portfolio Project Detail

Autonoma Daniel Velázquez, Alejandro Salinas, Eduardo Medina

A new revolution is coming with the transformation of buildings as we know it. After the pandemic and with many other unknown events to come, we have to create resilient cities and spaces that can thrive not only in the urban context but with the future human needs. Alongside new offices becoming a hybrid operation between working from home and physical centers, what will happen with our fundamental needs? Are we going to continue with the same development and way of thinking?

New generations will start reconstructing the way we live in the company of new trends that will mutate sooner than we think. As architects how are we going to address this matter considering architecture most of the time is permanent with a history that goes along the way?

With AUTONOMA the traditional mixed-use typology no longer exists and reshapes to a hybrid-use scenario, where communities can be sustained by themselves and evolve according to the needs of the future. Feasible, convertible, and autonomous are the three main principles that frame a more holistic transformation taking into consideration a diagnosis of our current structures. Using an algorithm to receive data regarding the actual state and uses of our buildings we will be able to assess what kind of services and uses are missing from a proper boundary, what is happening with the density of cities downtowns and forecast what are we lacking and what are we doing wrong. To become transcendental, sustainability is no longer an option, but a mandatory vision that will guide us to create new interventions to co-heal our current sick buildings and develop state-of-the-art cities that can endure through time in different parts of the world.