Portfolio Project Detail

BEE-RICK COMPLEX Moustafa Ibrahim, Tarek AshrafAli, Yomna Shahin

The COVID pandemic strongly affected all walks of life, from business sectors to educational and recreational sectors and even people’s social behavior. It became the catalyst that urged architects as well as people and business owners to re-examine things in a new light.

Inspired by culture, social distancing guidelines, adaptability and resilience; the concept of the project is to create a community-based complex that houses different types of typologies (residential, offices educational, health care and entertainment) enabling it to be a functional entity adaptable to change at any given time. Using a cubic unit inspired by both the historical Guild building use of brick, hence the name of the project (Bee-rick complex) combining both history (the use of brick) and the sense of community (bee) with dimensions respecting the social distancing code of 1.8 meters per person.

Adaptability and resilience were implemented by the flexibility of the cubic unit. This cubic unit is easily converted into any of the previously mentioned typologies with an added edge of it being easily moved using the railing mechanism that is constructed throughout the project, allowing it to easily move form one location to another if needed, with future aim of flexibility to other new plots (using drones application).