Portfolio Project Detail

Beelive Yalda Amin-Shahidi, Maryam Ahmadi, and Laurence Renard

Beelive is a housing model that aims to rethink co-living towards a regenerative environment and a desirable housing opportunity.
The idea stems from the behaviour of bee colonies in their nests. The myriad of them that build a geometry together so sophisticated that could conform to its surroundings in any condition. From organic shapes of the tree branches to the modules of the hive trays.

Beelive strives to mimic that behavior of flexible conformity and hierarchical relationships emblematic of bee nests. In the hive, queen bee occupies the focal point, and units surrounding the queen to protect the shared assets of the nest. In the Beehive, shared public spaces are the heart of the project; however, it proposes an experiential procession through semi-public and semi-private spaces to reach the private and sacred spaces.

In this sense, Beelive is a collective story of the people who are living it. With all their interests and needs; their abilities and ambitions; their hopes and fears. Beelive helps its residents to reconfigure the house as their needs demand. Subsequently, they evolve and embellish the house through time and stories. Designed voids are to get filled as time passes and residents fill it in a speculative grid.
The structure of Beelive, as a modular and vertical tray, reflects its resemblance to the hive; where units connect in various directions to create spaces that they could call home,

Beelive, reflects its contextual forces in a connected system of collection, preserve, and purify. It celebrates its connection to Downton Los Angeles by contributing to the natural and economic dynamics of its neighbourhood.

Furthermore, Beelive is a process that is transferrable to other contexts. It might contain a piece of the house, a stack of it, or clusters. They all serve to the common purpose of creating a space that all could call home!