Portfolio Project Detail

BEYOND BARBICAN Sara Makki, Nour El khoury, Mounir ElBitar, and Ali BakriKasba,

Lockdowns have separated us and made us live in the miniature. Driving us away from our daily commute lessening the feeling of community. Amidst this phenomenon many resorted to working from home. We approached the theme from an experiential point of view where we wanted to create the next experience in Barbican where it will be an added feature to the existing site and the site’s functions.

This ignited the idea of hall 2 becoming the home of the hearts of London bringing an outward experience inward, the neighborhood experience. As young talent finds the comfort of working in a creative hub with a workshop area, meeting area while enjoying the street food theme experience, in order to craft the next exhibition theme that will highlight a neighborhood from London which will be showcased in the exhibition zone dedicated for the residency’s end result, bringing in the city experience into one space. “Beyond Barbican” is where we take off, attracting young talent from different ends of London or even the world, through an art, design and craft residency space encouraging inclusivity and diversity where artists, designers and craftsman can make the place their own celebrating a collective sense of space, driven by the love of London while the vitality and plurality of London’s languages, cultures and stories are curated. “Beyond Barbican” in consequence will be the beating heart of London.