Portfolio Project Detail

Breathe Omar Nour, Mohamed Mousa, Ibtisam Fawzi, and Ayman Sanad,

Covid-19 had many effects on people’s lives and one of them is changing the shape of their work environments. As part of protecting the public health, London has gone into complete lock down which immensely affected the labour sector. In efforts to bring the healthy state of social, economic and environmental life back on track, the city of London is implementing a Covid-19 recovery plan. BREATHE is an interactive project with environment designed to serve the well-being of building occupants through utilizing design techniques that allow continuous flow of fresh air into the building. WHO (World Health Organization) has declared that poorly ventilated indoor locations can increase the spread of Covid-19. So, creating healthy internal breathing spaces enhances indoor air quality by:

  • Increasing air circulation (cross ventilation) which helps in
  • Reducing indoor air pollution which helps in
  • Mitigating risks of Covid-19 infection

The multi-story office building is oriented to face the south-west prevailing wind in order to draw fresh air into its swirling-shaped body. The fa├žade of the building facing the winds contains form integrated wind catchers that allow fresh air to flow into the building through a filtration process. The filtered air passes vertically through indoor atriums that distribute the airflow into the populated office spaces. Each office space contains regulatory sensors that activate the wind catchers to start the inhalation procedure of fresh air whenever CO2 levels increase. Subsequently, the exhaled/used/polluted air exits the building through exhaust air channels.

In addition to addressing the disease out-break issue caused by Covid-19, BREATHE allows the opportunity for nature exposure by providing outdoor courtyards enriched with greenery and water features which aids in promoting good mental and social health in the workplace and also promotes a greener London.