Portfolio Project Detail

BUBBLE-LIVING Kun Chen, Tabita Daolio and Emma Peng

Mission Statement
Having a mid-life crisis? Our Bubbles are flexible and adaptable, as they come with the means to grow based on the living situation you find yourself in: temporary dwelling, private studio, roommates, families or even a community. Everyone comes and goes, so you can attach and detach bubbles accordingly.

Having trouble finding the perfect place to live? Our Bubbles can fit any space, formal or informal, partially adopting the container while creating new soft geometries that allow ergonomic fittings. On the move? The mobile Bubbles can travel with you!
Broke? Bubbles come in all shapes, sizes, finishes and features, and we provide a catalog of numerous varieties to suit your personal interests.

Bubbles require very low quantities of energy for fabrication and assembly, utilizing pneumatic technologies and embracing “air” as its primary material to create spacious worlds. Infrastructure is embedded within the design, exemplified by the photo-voltaic film that creates a renewable source of energy that directly feeds the consumption needs of the resident.

The pneumatic nature of the Bubbles provides them with flood-resistance capabilities, while the ability to layer insulation creates a protection towards climate forces, making them future-proof. An integrated waste-management system assures that your Bubble will be hygienic and healthy.

Bubbles are designed to promote social interactivity not just from within, but between each other. Build your community of Bubbles to include amenities, community centers, and cultural hots-pots. Bubbles can range from temporary, unplugged, self-contained systems, to permanently docked structures wired into the city’s infrastructure.