Portfolio Project Detail

Cluster Laura McMullan, Alexa Wallert, and Trent McGugin

To create is to inspire, innovate, imagine—the Arts District of Los Angeles has been the forum for the “starving artist” since the 1960s when manufacturing companies moved overseas, vacating the once bustling warehouse district. Artists, musicians, and creatives alike began to make their mark on the area, sacrificing quality of life for the limitless opportunity that Los Angeles represents. Not much has changed in 60 years; young creatives flocking to the city–while not financially feasible–to pursue their aspirations.

The Cluster is a co-living and maker’s space for young, ambitious creatives committed to experiencing life’s communal potential—as an integral part of an dynamic ecosystem. Residents not only gain affordable housing, a maker’s space, and the ability to showcase and sell their work all under one roof, but they also gain a support system.

80,217 Gallons H20 harvested from roofs annually
Cisterns located under yard
6,650 sf on site solar + local partnerships
2030 challenge and beyond
Foam flush toilets- saving water long-term
Xeriscaped grounds and permeable surfaces
Reducing site H20 demands
FSC wood superstructure
Saves construction time, lighter weight,
seismically resilient
Narrow floor plates
Increasing Daylight
On site battery storage
Power and emergencies