Portfolio Project Detail

[CO]linary x LA Nico Hsu, Ann Erskine, and Vincent Lee

[CO]linary is a future culinary lab for exploration and inspiration, rooted in the idea that together we can co-create within a shared economy for a more collaborative, inclusive and sustainable way of life.

[CO]linary sets out to explore new scenarios for production, respond to global challenges, and provide a backdrop for creative innovation within an ever-growing network of residencies, community members, specialists, educators, technologists, and cross-disciplinary forward-thinking partners.

As place to experiment, test, and co-create new modes of food production, storage, preparation and recipe development, [CO]linary’s curiosity is leveraged by increased interconnectivity and technological breakthroughs. Addressing major macro-trends in housing shortages, rapid urbanization, and lack of natural resources, [CO]linary is a space to test new ideas, explore emerging potentials, and spark discussions within a non-commercial environment while enjoying amazing food.

Addressing these five macro-trends as a starting point, all of which are interdependent and colliding with one another, we define three core concepts through which we can provide affordable housing, nurture creative inspiration, and empower residents and community members aspiring to lead more creative and sustainable lives.

Circular Economy 
[CO]linary offers an opportunity to rethink the way we produce and consume. By evolving our current model of linear consumption, inhabitants and community members can share resources and amenities, fostering a circular economy that engages local business and institutions while encouraging education, collaboration and inclusivity.

As homeownership becomes out of reach for more members of society while cities become larger and more crowded, [CO]linary provides a variety of unit types for residents that are also sustainable and affordable. A range of co-living arrangements in combination with spaces to live, learn, create, meet, and eat empower residents and community members while encouraging interaction within the circular society.

Creative Empowerment
Featuring amenities such as a centrally located state of the art teaching kitchen, indoor vertical farming, precision agriculture aided by artificial intelligence, and adjacent flexible gathering spaces, [CO]linary is dedicated to providing a sense of place for inhabitants and visitors alike while giving back to the community by providing an inspirational setting for social events, lectures, workshops, co-working and collaboration.

Living options for chefs, restaurant owners, agriculturalists, technologists, artists, creatives and makers.

Ample facilities for exploration, ideation, growth, fabrication, and creation

Incorporating a teaching kitchen, vertical growing, precision agriculture,
artificial intelligence monitoring

Inviting students, educators, chefs, thought leaders,and cross-disciplinary experts to share their knowledge and passion through the form of lectures, exhibitions, screenings, challenges, meetups, and food festivals

Targeted explorations and prototypes including focuses on shared living,
local food production, urban farm to table dining, healthy urban living, artificial intelligence, and educational outreach

[CO]linary x LA is the first pilot in a series of co-living culinary labs across the United States and globally, envisioning collaboration and talent sharing with associated labs such as [CO]linary x NYC, [CO]linary x SF, and [CO]linary x Tokyo to tackle complex national and world-wide macro-trends in housing and sustainability.”