Portfolio Project Detail

Collect. Print. Live. Joseph Santarelli and Daniel Winstead

Each housing pod is created from a 100% clean and ethically sourced engineered plastic. The bioplastic filament is created using a mixture of waste both from farming and plastic pollution. Hemp, cornstalks, soybean pods and other fibrous byproducts from the farming process are re-purposed into a synthetic plastic. Likewise, plastics from bottles, bags and other items typically in our waste-stream are converted into bioplastic. A potential tenant can either purchase their pod outright or collect litter from their city’s streets and water ways or can work the fields of local farmers to collect the necessary materials needed to create their housing pod. With 50% input from the tenant, the onsite 3D printer will print a pod using the newly created bioplastic and on-site cranes will place it into its respective communal zone.