Portfolio Project Detail

COMMUNITY 01 Kareem MagdyMosaad, Mohamed MahmoudElaroussi, and Ahmed SamehShaaban

Since the start of the human race, humans tend to form communities in a manner that serve there needs either it was food, shelter or belonging to a cult or group, over time communities had to adapt to the challenge’s humanity faced which led the communities to evolve and experience many shapes and forms.

The latest challenge humanity faced came in the shape of Covid-19,which altered our way of life and led every family/home to be isolated alone in their home distanced from their basic needs like food, education, work and human interaction. which exposed the shortcoming of the current buildings model because it couldn’t adapt well to the evolved needs of buildings users.

The future will run the mono function building absolute as the it doesn’t interact or adapt to the surrounding circumstances and the needs of its users.

COMMUNITY 01 reimagines the fabric of communities to a much smaller cluster where the building is a living adaptable and growing community where humans’ basic needs are insured to be met within this Eco-system.

Community 01 will act as an isolation bubble in case of global stressors that will serve as a micro sustainable & self sufficient entity that will provide its inhabitants with all their basic needs that change and adapt to different challenges.

COMMUNITY 01 consists of moving modular units within super structure frames. It can be adjusted and adapted to the different circumstances that faces its community, by creating spaces and functions that appears in a time of need.

The building embraces the concept of living design by growing and changing over time while maintaining a sustainable and self-sufficient state and resilient to the ever-changing inhabitants needs.

The movable modular concept allows the building to regenerate its form over time and in the severe cases act as a shield to protect the living forms inside of it while maintaining the well-being and the quality of life for its users.

The building provides a mixed typology of community amenities as it consists of residential units with different areas to suit the various social needs. Co-working space acts as home offices for building inhabitants.

Recreational outdoor spaces for kids and fitness gym facilities along with other entertainment spaces. The building contains farming areas which provides the basic agricultural crops produced by/to building users and it also relinks farms to city inhabitants.

A major disease hits the globe forced everyone to be isolated in their homes, a need for private areas for family, education, working & exercise appeared. Community 01 adapted with the new change in its inhabitants needs, the movable building units regenerated to create private garden for each residential unit. New medical spaces were introduced to the building. The shared coworking spaces turned into semi isolated working spaces.

One-way circulation concept is applied in the Grocery shop to avoid users’ unnecessary interaction. The building provided an open area for exercise.

Many years after, another environmental shock happened. An air pollution disaster threatened the human race which requires the building to readapt and close its envelope and act as a bubble and be isolated from its surrounding by adding glass skin to building super structure.