Portfolio Project Detail

Común Zoha Amjad, Laura Guerrero, and Jonathan Tomko

Located in Los Angeles’ Art District, Común is a Co-living community for local artists, but is a place for all. With the average rent in L.A. increasing to $2,527, Común provides much needed affordable housing and studio space allowing artists the opportunity for a live-work lifestyle, all the while restoring a sense of dignity to the concept of affordable housing.

The ideas of sharing and community is central to this concept. A communal dining room and spacious art and dance studios are organized on the ground level with more private individual units located on the upper floors. As a community develops inside the inward-facing existing building, the “Garage” serves the co-op community to reach out to the burgeoning arts district by serving as an event hub and activating the public realm. To represent a sense of ownership, the architecture features murals to reflect the spirit of the local Latino community.

Designed to transform, the interior design of the sleeping units support a range of different artist needs in an efficient footprint. Materials were selected with human health in mind, avoiding toxic VOCs and providing an egalitarian approach to daylighting.