Portfolio Project Detail

Conéctate Kendra Harruff, Fiorella Dimiceli, and Daniel Gomez

Housing is a right. Access to healthy, secure living spaces should be accessible to every human being. We live in a society that strongly values housing as an asset, a tie to family and sometimes a reflection of themselves. Still, we continue to grapple with these values in a system where economic and social ideals persistently conflict. The economic value of housing must be re-engineered, and the spatial value of housing must be redefined.

What if, at birth, you were guaranteed a space to live throughout your life? This space would adapt to your evolving needs from the moment you are born, to when you move out from your parents to when you move in with a partner and when you have children. It would scale up or down as needed, always flexing to your needs. Yourself, your relationship with others determine the design because connectivity is key.

Conéctate is a new housing solution that proposes modularity, flexibility and porosity from the neighborhood scale to the building, floor and user experience. It’s about life-cycles. Your life-cycle with others would collectively define the spatial organization and evolution of the building’s design. It’s a shared asset that is collectively owned and operated through an exchange of money and time. It’s housing that retains its economic value as an asset but prioritizes social systems over market forces.