Portfolio Project Detail

Convivo Dan McNulty, Michelle Heath, and Maria Lobit

Inspired by the origins of Londinium and the optimism of a new city, Convivo takes its name from the Ancient Roman custom of coming together to feast, celebrate and socialise. The continual development of The City of London has unearthed many archeological artifacts from such gatherings, and it’s these everyday objects that provide the foundations of the concept. London has always been a melting pot of nationalities, cultures, and identities – it just needs the vessel to facilitate the sharing.

Convivo is a social enterprise that reflects this by bringing people from all walks of life together, encouraging interactions across the spectrum. It’s a chance for a new beginning, giving those who were affected most by the pandemic the chance to move forward, in particular those working in the hospitality sector, gig economy, and the arts. It also offers others to pass on their knowledge and experience. Convivo provides a space for the exchange of knowledge, compassion, and company, creating a space where people truly ‘live together’.

Convivo consists of 4 Pateras (Latin: “ceramic bowl”) – Live, Grow, Nourish, and Magna. Each patera is a vessel for visitors and residents to create an enriching experience for themselves and the community.

During lockdown, CO2 emissions plummeted and air pollution halved. Located in a densely populated residential area, our response must acknowledge and continue this trend for the health and wellbeing of future generations. Convivo supports the nearby Beech Street Zero Emissions Scheme by offering help and advice on how to live a greener, more sustainable life.

Base build elements will be retained wherever possible and integrated into the design, and all new elements are demountable so that they can be re-purposed once they have fulfilled their original intent. Local trades will be sourced to help with the construction and maintenance of the project. Solar power and the collection of rainwater will help reduce the impact Convivo has on the grid.