Portfolio Project Detail

Floating Timber Forest Kaikang Shen

Historically, new york is famous for its ports and piers. Tons of containers on the docks almost represented new york at old days. So stacks and timber containers became the original concept of this design.

Site is located in the west village of manhattan, this narrow site sits a block away from the hudson river green way, the whitney museum of american art, the high line, and numerous city squares. Listed as one of the most expensive areas in the united states for residential properties.

Design reorganized the original space system. Demolishing the old skylight, making a new courtyard for public space, and introducing sunshine and daylight into the courtyard and building. North side of the red brick base is co-working space, including meeting room and open corporate learning space. South side is community room. The red brick base is not only open to the user living in this house, but also open to the neighbors living in the community.

The roof deck is secondary public space to the city. It provides event and green space for the residents and it’s a platform when the new york city will be suffered storm surge.

Upper part of building is an adding light weight timber co-living space, because it has a lot of advantages and characters, such as, easy assembly, flexibility, maneuverability, modularity, healthy material and low cost, so it can be duplicated at anywhere in the new york city.