Portfolio Project Detail

Gaia Alaa Awwadeh and Ghada Alsheikh


The concept behind Gaia emerges from our humanistic longing to nature, and a strong sense of reconnection to it, which has grown stronger at these post pandemic times.Gaia comes from nature and gives back to it. Advocating harmony of the human establishment with the natural organic ambience.It is a highly sustainable and advanced building, which better understands the way humans inhibit their spaces. The mixed-use building located in the heart of London constitutes stimulating contemporary spaces that enable a one of kind (unique) futuristic experience that’s environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s lifecycle.

Building & Site Synergy

The synergy of the buildings and site (context) is to be brought together in an authentic way so the experience will not be of a “developer project” but that of a true “city center.” and a network of lush green public spaces of grand and intimate scale, which serve as recreational “urban oasis”, that can boost mental health and well-being environment. Featuring a large open public atrium at its heart. Including a mix of outdoor (stepped terraces and plazas) and indoor spaces and using an energy-efficient approach that features PV future panels, natural ventilation, and large planted terraces giving access to nature, breathing outlets for the inhabitants. And in turn serve nature in reducing air pollution, and aid in rain water harvesting.


The form of the building and its polygonal geometry are drawn from nature. One edge extends from the earth, and flows to create a modern yet relaxed design which includes a steel exoskeleton structure that supports the floors with a high level of space utilization. The design also incorporates an electricity-generating facade system with self-shade capabilities to control direct heat and cold gain internally.


The building consists of 7 floors in total (6 floors above ground level and one basement floor). The ground floor, L04 and L03 East wing have public exhibitions with added areas for well-be¬ing classes and continued education classes. Open plaza merged with an iconic landscape with multiple activity space, restaurants and coffee shops. L01 and L02 East wing is meant for experiential shops, restaurant, coffee shops, shared facilities and shared communal spaces.

L02 to L03 West-South wing is meant for the offices, open work spaces and shared meeting areas, where you can check offices or meeting rooms’ availability using a dedicated work place app before heading to the office.L05 and L06 are the residential floors where you can rent a private unit (studio or one bedroom apartment) for small families and you can use building shared facilities, and each floor has an outdoor garden that can be used for gathering, family activities and Hydroponic Farming.

Mixed-use environments are most effective when they leverage a diversity of uses and users to create a balanced, dynamic, and integrated development bring the best of residential and commercial architecture together, and create shared environments. The spaces we gather in will be even more important in the post-pandemic world; they will become places not of exile or distancing, but of community and engagement.