Portfolio Project Detail

Gather Elaine Zhang, Keegan Wilson, and Kelly (Ziwen) Xu

Housing for all, All for Housing. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing – in cities all over the world. In our phone-crazed society, we are also passionate about fostering meaningful human interaction and connection. We want you to find your perfect community, wherever you go.

How it Works
We have options for everyone – whether you’re in town for a night, or wanting to settle down. Pricing is simple. Only pay for what you need.

How do we do it?
We’re walking the walk, and talking the talk.
We use robots to produce our PALs, to keep costs low without compromising quality – ensuring that our PALs will always remain affordable for everyone.
Our PALs are really sustainable. We only source and use materials that won’t cause you (or the planet) any harm – materials are guaranteed to be precautionary list free and have a low-carbon footprint.
The PALs are also resilient – with backup power and water, you’ll be able to stay comfortably in your pod for a week, in case of an emergency. Each site is also designed to be Net Zero for water, carbon, and energy, as well as climate and disaster resilient.
Each location is tailored to be site-specific, and we promise plenty of daylight, views, and green-space for all.

Anna, Traveler
When I travel, I just want a place to rest my head. Gather offers the perfect option – a private place to sleep, with the opportunity to interact with other travelers and locals. And locations globally!

Ben, Native New Yorker
I think my favorite part is that I’m able to move around to different neighborhoods in New York City – something that wouldn’t be possible without Gather! In a city that has endless things to do outside of your house, the ability to be an urban nomad is really amazing.

Martha, Retiree
Since I became an empty-nester, down-sizing was the logical solution. I was worried about living alone, so I joined this community, and it has been so wonderful and welcoming! I love that I can watch my fellow gatherer’s children while they’re working!

Sam and Emily, Family of Four
We love that the kids are exposed to so many types of people! But we also enjoy that we can have private, family time back in our PAL.