Portfolio Project Detail

Granule Ramy OsamaEzzat, Amr SalahAbdelGhani, and Omar Heikal

The Latest pandemic taught humanity the importance of architectural impact on humanity. The new restrictions placed on society have been a catalyst to rethink much of what we take for granted in the built environment.

Though we can’t say exactly what the future will look like, we can prepare for resemblance of the past.

The main idea that comes to mind is adaptive reuse, the process of using existing structures to serve new purposes. Adaptive reuse is an efficient and sustainable approach to creating new spaces, especially for aging cities. Along with modular construction, it’s proven to be very effective in creating emergency facilities.

To respond to changing unexpected circumstances, a rapidly deployable, pop-up easy to manufacture unit is created. The portability and ease of assemblage of lightweight architecture is perfect for disaster and crisis response.

The design of a single typical unit is created, the parts of which is easy to put through the process of mass production and can be put together by moderately skilled labors.

And to meet with the human need to personalize and different space function assignment , it includes a set of a mix and match facades , and a series of adjustable walls and screens that would be used to segment an open plan into different types of apartments , offices , clinics , classrooms , ……etc.

And since that every International or local major shift in circumstances directly impacts the economy, a financial scheme is created to entwine with the architectural concept. It consists of creating a new virtual Architectural Currency (CUBE COIN) that is used to trade the crowd funding money into a credit in a built environment which acts as a Community Service Battery.

This community will be built to provide a home and a work place for the crisis (Homeless, Pandemic , Economy, war , fire , flood ……..etc) victims , in which they will use their respective talents pay back the community in trade of the previously earned Cube coin and will be also providing a future income for them.

This system needs to be monitored through a sophisticated system that gathers the surrounding market needs through Big Data, which would be easily implemented in a city highly monitored such as London, and compare it with the current situation of the built block to produce a report of the required allocation of space functions.

Through this system this environment can be built in various locations and interconnected together to instruct the assembly or disassembly of units in every location or the need to transfer a certain percentage from one location to another.