Portfolio Project Detail

GROWITHING Co-living Resident Khuyen Nguyen Luong and Thang Bao Nguyen

The GROWITHIN Co-Living Project location provides a reasonable living opportunity in the heart of Manhattan which is fully covered by high quality living standards such as metro, convenient stores, museums and theaters.

Its program brings mutual benefits among residents by providing common spaces in highest standard by leverage value of sharing and co-ownership.

On one hand, the design attempted to resolve all indicators from the brief yet going beyond it in the expression of form material and program organization. On the other hand, all the sustainability and resiliency strategies were introduced to the site played a big role in educating the resident community, being a good benchmark for the neighborhood and influencing the city’s policy makers.

Young generation now can shake hand and together create new type of buildings that could archive higher demanding of living standard without excessive payment. We believe in the power of goodwill and this piece of architecture will be a strong statement and great metaphor for the generations to come