Portfolio Project Detail

Haven Matt Wynn, Tom Henderson Schwartz, and Anastasia Kalaitzi

The year is 2030 and despite Boris Johnson’s assurances that lockdowns would end by Christmas the UK has failed to get a grip on pandemics. COVID-19 may be over but COVID-30’s new variant is too much to handle. The initial exodus from London has not recovered and the city is baron, bereft of a life that people barely remember. Developers see opportunity in low-cost land in the city of London and capitalize on making retreats for the uber rich – the only ones left with jobs and money!

Amongst a sea of empty office blocks we find a jolt of life! Independent from the misery outside the future residents have formed their own exclusive bubble. Within the neighbourhood is everything one needs to sustain life – farming, education, art and culture, medical facilities and residences.

A looming exhaust of a crematorium the cradle to grave facilities available within this bubble. COVID has become so contagious that even smoke from the crematorium needs to be treated (or is this just fake news on facebook!?). The result is a copper chimney, naturally disinfecting the dust of lives that have passed.

People may come and go but only if they quarantine in the lower cells. Security is tight! Outside the complex the city is in decay. The land in London no longer has specific value – the bubble has become everything.