Portfolio Project Detail

HIVE Xi Chen and Arvin Fan

The nature hive system is the inspiration of the Design. In order to solve the low-efficient, land-wasted and energy-consumed housing crisis, the sophisticated hive pattern not only provides a model for the high-density living but also give good examples of programs combinations.

Furthermore, in terms of the materially and structure, the ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) and prefabricated wood structure system is applied, which give the design supper light and mobile structure. It gives opportunities to provide a new co-living community pattern. We offer different unit size (individual bedroom, sleeping Pods and family bedroom) for residents to choose as their needs. Those supper light unit can be ship to any HIVE BASE easily and plug into the wood structure system by take-off and landing machine. With all the programs provided by HIVE BASE (working space, kitchen space, social event space, entertainment space and green space), the residents can finish any life activities in the community.

Overall, the HIVE community provide a living efficient, movable and sustainable co-living approach.