Portfolio Project Detail

kNOWledge CITY Fábio Jungstedt, Jayne Pacheco, and Guilherme Ramalho

The idea of ​​predicting the future and preparing for tomorrow has always aroused human curiosity.

Perhaps it is this notion of time and the awareness that we are going to die that makes us so different from other animals. A cat, for example, lives every day like a cat, without making plans, accumulating or being anxious with expectations. And everything that affects the matter of time, past or future brings us more questions than answers. Is time infinite? Is the past infinite? So, if the future has not yet happened, could we choose the best way to live what is to come?

Destructive events in the past, whether natural or initiated by human action, helped in a certain way to better prepare us to face these traumatic events, making us more resistant to the survival of the species. However, when something new breaks down our defenses and exposes our vulnerability again, we need to be aware that it is necessary to join forces to fight a common enemy.

Covid-19 was able to expose the fragility of our civilizations, even though technologies and medicines have advanced to control our existence. Basically, all of our systems have been affected, economic, health, production, social relations and fundamentally educational and cultural.

Predicting the future is not a very precise and guaranteed task, but when we invest in education, we reduce uncertainties and increase the chance of becoming a better civilization. Therefore, we believe that the best future is found in our cities and will be developed within them.

After more than a year working, studying and relating from home, the imminent possibility of returning to attend public spaces makes us a question: Why go back as it was before? Why not reframe our relations with the public spaces that where always so necessary for the development of our species? How can the public space contribute to becoming an awareness agent?

Our proposal aims to identify significant locations and experiences within the demarcated area to implement educational / cultural support for public enjoyment. Redefining the public space as an awareness agent. However, we are based on the importance of development and educational support to the population, in all its spheres, taking advantage of the public spaces quality as a primary destination for social relations and the construction of a resilient and prepared conscience for future difficulties.