Portfolio Project Detail

Link Yassmin ElMamlouk, Alanoud Aldbian, Lara Dairawan, and Elie Tawk

Link is a venue that links the barbican neighborhood through assets, which creates a diverse and circular economy for the city itself. This space is meant to embrace all generations and inspire creativity.

The venue responds to the pandemic that changed the way of living, by giving people that live or work in the barbican city the chance to sell, buy or trade their unwanted belongings; that was collected during Covid-19 to accommodate the new lifestyle at that time.

The link is an attractive space with a burst of garages throughout the alleyways, that become an exchangeable platform where all unwanted assets are visible and transferable.

The architecture is composed of modular units for adaptability and flexibility that go along the two floors of the venue.

This space is meant for three major users which are the operational team, the merchants and consumers. The division of the space is not devoted to any single user to enhance the idea of modularity. The program offers offices, shops and a café. The number of offices and shops tend to change according to the consumers’ demands. In addition to that, the space provides visual comfort for the end user by adding indoor gardens which helps in purifying the air quality inside the venue that comply with “Fitwel standards”.

The barbican city is famous for arts, performances and entertainment. The venue relates to the background of the barbican city and London’s famous underground through the graffiti murals.