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Living Closer/A better way to live together Giancarlo Gastaldin and Gaia Cella

Living Closer
A better way to live together
Our cities are becoming exponentially inaccessible, unsustainable and economically unequal. Considering the rapid urbanization, the climate change, our aspirations and lifestyles evolution, Co-Living emerges as a meaningful and more resilient alternative.
LIVING CLOSER is a new visionary model for housing development, facilitating and enhancing residents’ interactions and behavioral roles towards the community.
This is the time when “things” no longer matter, experiences do.
We are sharing services more than ever before and many of us already make daily use of sharing economy that provide us with transportation, entertainment and hospitality. Housing is next.

Social/ The community Magnet
LIVING CLOSER is not only about the residents of the shared living community, but it is inclusive of those who work and live within the area. The shared-living space acts as a community catalyst activating cross-generational residing, and supporting local councils in creating and managing communal spaces (while sharing for example food service, waste management, health&sport facilities)

Economic/ Rethink business models
Subscriptions models would be the key element for economical predictability, as the residents will be sharing resources, essential supplies and services. Overtime, the residents could decide to own a share of the collective asset, for example through supported long-term land lease. Digital platforms will be assisting the tenants for reprogramming their units.

Environment/ Circular future
The modular building system unlock a material circularity to maximize the potential of the building as materials bank: almost all used materials are designed for being disassembled, replaced, reused and recycled along the building lifespan. Minimizing resources will be combined with productive ecology, biodiversity and permaculture.

Architecture and Urban/ Iconic HUB
The ground levels form a safe civic podium, a marketplace like environment for digital and traditional encounters, gatherings, serendipitous meeting and multiple activities. Like a 3-dimensional neighborhood, a unique space will be distributed on different levels where mixed uses interact with each other, enabling creative use of the building. The boundaries between indoor and outdoor are erased by putting social activities on full display.

LIVING CLOSER is an ambitious vision that would be applied on global scale. We decided to investigate the opportunities that all 3 sites offer, through 3 different operations: integration, addition and creation of a new building typology.

Modular system as network of possibilities
A three-dimensional grid enhances the building capacity of adaptation and flexibility, accommodating diverse programs and configurations according to climate conditions and site specifics. Prefabricated units can simplify the construction and allow units to be expanded or downsized upon demand. Yet the types of modules can be variable to create different spatial and social opportunities through time. A system that grows, changes and evolves according to the needs of the occupants, whether you are a student, a professional, a nomad new arrived in the city, a family or recently retired.