Portfolio Project Detail

London Line Said Rabadi and Shadia Jaber

The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities in the way we live; disproportionally affected communities, and made people experience the fragility of our infrastructural systems around the world. however, This is an opportunity that we can use in recovery from COVID-19 to reimagine London as a place with a better long-term future for Londoners. One which is fairer, greener and more resilient.

Responding to this pandemic by accelerating our commitment to sustainable design to deliver a new concept to encourage Londoners and Tourists to enjoy an extraordinary Cultural Experience.

London is home to a vast range of cultural organizations such as museums, galleries, and other tourist attractions. From Barbican Centre to the new location of the British Museum, those living in London will never run out of cultural experiences to dip into on a weekend trip. With such a large variety of cultural experiences available right on one’s doorstep, it’s clear to see why many of those living in the capital feel that they would be missing out on London’s vibrant cultural scene if they were to move out to the suburbs, this is one main reason to give people a good vibe about working and living in London.

London’s Intellectual Spine should be as accessible as possible and aim to be welcoming for all. The Perception of how welcoming and inviting this path is depends on its connectivity and ease of access for everyone.

London’s Intellectual Spine connects and supports the vibrancy of the Cultural Mile. Along the path, Cultural Trail users will pass by and through cultural destinations that make London a recognized leader in arts. However, the Intellectual Spine is not just about the destination; it is about the journey.

The Trip consists of different layers, people can choose the suitable layer for them, it’s either through the elevated hover cars, Pedestrian walking /cycling trails or taking a stroll down the existing renovated and the newly added interconnected high walks in the Barbican area. This trip is an engaging, safe & beautiful way to see London from different levels and perspectives.

This multi-layered journey starts from the Liverpool Street station through the Finsbury Circus Gardens, people can either walk through the garden or take the first stop and Starting point of the elevated hover cars track. After the garden, the path will take you to the New Union street, which is proposed to be fully transferred into a pedestrian path with many cafes, restaurants, walking and bicycle trails, after the ongoing underground construction ends, then you will reach the heart of Barbican Centre, which is a world-class art and learning Centre, the high walks will take you on a trip around the Centre, whereas the Hovercars will drive above the water surface to give you an extraordinary view over the Botanical garden before reaching the second stop. The connection with the Cultural Mile starts at this point, through a suggested new link, this trail provides an interactive experience for residents and visitors to celebrate London’s heritage, culture and environment in multiple ways.

Utilizing technology, each of the stops allows visitors to scan a QR Code with a smartphone to hear the stories of Landmark along the trail. The last stop will be the Smithfield Rotunda.