Portfolio Project Detail

London Peak Yeqi Wang, Siya Xie, and Nick Boyd

London is missing its visitors and all around the world people are missing being able to travel to their favorite destinations. London is one of the most sought after destinations but during these trying times it’s hard to travel with much ease and comfort. Our typology seeks to remedy this problem with a hybrid of ideas. One being a quarantine hotel that seeks to turn the hassle of quarantining into an enjoyable experience for those who visit as well as those who live here permanently. The second component of this hybrid is a hiking trail. A trail made open and accessible to the public. For those lucky enough to find themselves in close proximity to mountains during this pandemic have enjoyed fresh air and views while remaining safe. This building seeks to bring the mountains to London. The community can now exercise and ascend to the tip of the man made mountain and peer off to the beyond of the city. This typology promotes exercise and healthy living during these stressful times.

Those coming to London need to quarantine in order to protect the safety of everyone in the community. This would normally be looked at as something that might deter you from traveling to begin with. Now visitors can be a part of an uplifting experience that is a by product of all of our current circumstances. This typology seeks to create visual connection between those being quarantined and those who navigate through the local community. Once in the hotel residents cannot leave but they can still observe the people of London as they wind and twist their way up the man made mountain. This typology facilitates the needs of the local community by providing a building that can actually be hiked on as well as entertaining those who come to London and are forced to be isolated away from the general public. By stacking the circulation path vertically, the single loaded quarantine hotel is placed directly underneath the trail path. The parallel action for both interior and exterior happens simultaneously.