Portfolio Project Detail

maskan Laura Tadros, Loujain Makhtoum, Shaden AlDobayan, and Manal AlQahtani,

Today, we are living through a historic moment in time — time that will be talked about, researched, read, and studied for years to come. Therefore, MASKAN is an ambitious community center aims to transform Barbican estate economy into a fair, sustainable, and prosperous one, this will overcome some of the societal and economic challenges through engaging the resident’s full breadth in one of the largest residential estates in London. More than ever, progress will require a coordinated all-hands-on-deck approach to strategic design and implementation.

Maskan identifies three anticipated trends to rise post-pandemic. Based on intensive research about the future of Social and community-oriented design, three main actors targeting living design principles are : Hydroponic Farming  ‘farm to table’, Touchless indoor spaces operated by technologies and user-controlled modular partitioning system offering fit-for purpose spaces maximum flexibility that can serve multiple setting depending on the user needs and preferences, and  – will be key elements of this change that are critical to raising awareness of environmental, social and economic challenges facing the world and future generations to follow within urban cities.

At MASKAN, we envision patrons as explorers rather than conventional visitors. People can immerse themselves in the space and wander through the center. MASKAN focuses on the surrounding communities, bringing them into the conservation efforts through a simple APP called MASKAN. Where you can reserve your space by reconfiguring room dividers remotely, in addition, members at MASKAN can create and host events and workshops inviting other members, were different talents can explore and cross-pollinate in a socially and health conscious setting. Moreover, MASKAN targets senior care offering support for an older person who wants much needed companionship over a cup of coffee in the center or a walk around. our restoration strategy aims to re-connect people living within the estate from different age groups to the new post-pandemic world and global market.

On the other hand, MASKAN will have its own Hydroponic Farm hosted on the upper floor, where all water needs are met through on-site systems, capturing rainwater from terrace, stored, and filtered for potable water and grey water enriches it with nutrients and cycles it back to the fish water tank nurturing the harvested crops with ammonia under LED lights. During Summer, where Humidity reaches up to 80% in London, a de-humidifier system installed to capture moisture in the air. Large amounts of heat gain are produced from the Building, which can be reused for plants like potatoes, nuts or beans to grow. Lastly, this floor will also include a wellness studio aiming at improve human’s efficiency and health, by surrounded with positive social and environmental benefits that represent thee natural extension of MASKANs core values and aspirations.