Portfolio Project Detail

Meta-Morph Alaa Ahmad, Mohammed Samadi, and MohamadAli Itani

The COVID pandemic has brought new limitations and restrictions to the way we live.
Our cities came to a standstill, freedom of movement was reduced, and homes turned
into mini hubs struggling to cater for all our needs. Parts of cities have become redundant as they lacked a diverse nature. Business sectors and hubs went from inhabited to lifeless zones as the work place became mobile and unrestricted. This leaves an opportunity to transform these monoculture buildings, and integrate them into the new urban fabric. Because of the social distance restrictions, and higher rate of transmission in enclosed spaces, it has imposed an urgency to address these issues when designing in the future as it directly contributes to a better quality of living for inhabitants.

Designing sustainable post pandemic buildings requires a flexible reusable structure,
multifunctional/transformable program, coupled with wide open circulation. Taking
inspiration from the adjacent open courtyard of the Guildhall, which in itself is a key
hub in the area, the project prioritizes pedestrian movement and elevates itself from
the ground level creating a clearing in which people can disperse freely and filter through green pocket spaces. Multipurpose spaces accommodate for the diverse needs of the buildings inhabitants which helps alleviate the need for dedicated spaces in the home. Higher up the residential units with their light weight partitions provide a variety of
configurations to the living spaces.

As the future of office buildings is uncertain, its important to be able to adaptively reuse them as needed for additional spaces that enhance adjacent buildings facilities providing additional flexibility.