Portfolio Project Detail

Personal City Kais Saab and Dima Abouebeid

While the world noticed how COVID-19 has a huge impact on everything on human life in all aspects … architecture couldnt responde fast and adapt with the new reality pandamic showed how the architecture lacks the flexibility and adaptability to face the shocks.

This project adopted two ideas for the design the first idea is the 15 min city concept where everything you need is available within your reach in the neighborhood. we can achieve this through non-centralized concept which is a part of the resilience principle it support diversity and redundancy of the project activities, objects and population.

Resilient cities evolve in a very specific manner. They retain and build upon older patterns or information . with a rich and balanced diversity of scales, especially including and encouraging the most fine-grained scales, is going to be more easily repairable and adaptable to new uses. It can withstand disruptions better because its responses can occur on any and all different levels of scale. The city uses the disruption to define a “pivot” on a particular scale, around which to structure a complex multi-scale.. this dynamic concept vibrat and alive can bring to a smaller scale architecture / buildings a new ways to survive … bring diversity in facilites, functions and spaces to the project will make a benefit to social community around it and bring city life style living to it ( the city in palm of your hand ).