Portfolio Project Detail

PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD Caitlin Copeland, Elliot Spronk, Saman Aboutorab, and Sebastien Sarrazin

“Londoners should be able to access free, sheltered places to sit and rest without financial outlay, find a space to work, rest or play, breathe fresh air and access biodiverse, ecologically-rich places, all as a natural part of our daily lives and within the public realm of the city.”

The City of London’s Pedway system was conceived of in the 1960’s as a Utopian vision separating pedestrian and vehicular movement, giving an elevated space back to pedestrians for quiet, leisurely experiences above the din of the city. The proposed system fell short in realising its lofty dreams and has left the area with a number of inaccessible, unused pedestrian bridges flying above largely blank facades at the street level resulting in a confusing and inhospitable pedestrian experience.

[PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD] proposes to revitalise the Pedway system and establish comprehensive links to the area’s tube stations creating a vibrant pedestrian network while providing opportunities for Play, Discovery, and Culinary Delight.

Beginning at one of four tube stations in the area residents, workers and visitors of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate in INCLUSIVE modes of play along the street, rising and descending from the revitalized Pedway enroute to their homes, offices, or one of many cultural attractions.

Varied modes of play promote WELL-BEING by engaging participants in fun fitness activities, which range from localised group activities to linear playgrounds and vertical circuits.

Growing opportunities together with pop-up food markets at key nodes along the revitalised Pedway promote a local and nutritious attitude to eating while offering an international culinary experience reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of London.

The network operates as a SUSTAINABLE closed loop system where the energy created by engaging in activity is harnessed in the growth of food which is harvested by local businesses to serve back to the public in one of many pop-up culinary experiences.

Growing spaces are located at roof level and on vertical surfaces with Southern exposure in order to maximize solar gain and rainwater capture thereby ensuring the REGENERATIVE qualities of the growing scheme.

Connectivity promotes community engagement; a strong community is RESILIENT and able to pull together in the face of sudden and unexpected challenges. [PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD] weaves food systems and healthy habits into everyday life for all Londoners.