Portfolio Project Detail

Re*Generation on 12th Vishwesh Panchal, Dara Johnson, and Alice Clark

In New York City, child care is the single greatest expense among low-income families, surpassing both food and housing. Mothers with young children can find themselves in an under-housed situation resulting from just one life event – job loss, health problems, or domestic abuse. A 55% increase in the number of families living with children in NYC homeless shelters was seen from 2008 to 2014, and half of the children during that time were younger than 6 years old in 2014.2

Re*Generation on 12th is a cyclical women and children only housing community that takes a multi-pronged approach to address these issues. Providing a safe and nurturing environment for mothers to live and work, offering a chance to share the responsibility of child care with other women who live in the building are the mutual benefits. Children are provided with in-house daycare while their moms are away, and are provided a healthy diet through the Harvest Kitchen efforts.

The co-living project is located in in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. By participating in the Inclusionary Housing Program (IHP) which provides affordable units, the project can utilize a zoning bonus to increase the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) further than allowed by either the R6 or C1-6A, Residential and Commercial Zoning respectively. The zoning parking requirement is waived by providing a car-share vehicle.

The lay-out of the building is a vertical live-work split. The ground floor provides all public functionality: the daycare, a community room and event space, and the Harvest Kitchen which is the heart of the building and has direct access to the sun filled Atrium. Its multi-functions include food prep and storage, dining and collaborative space. The daycare is both for those who live in the building and for children in the extended community, creating connections to the surrounding neighborhood. Twenty-nine co-living units within the building accommodate a total of 75 women and children.

Site repurpose design leads to an addition of 4 levels to the existing building structure. Completed with heavy timber construction and new glazing systems to match existing, while preserving exposed brick. The city block yields very close neighboring buildings to the East and West, therefore an expansive atrium cuts through the building providing sunlight and greenery to the previously closed off core.

There are 700 square feet of solar panels, a PV powered car-share, and passive heating and cooling strategies which all reduce the need for fossil fuel consumption.