Portfolio Project Detail

SCALEX Ahmed SamirGhanem, Nader Farid, and Mohamed MedhatTawfik


ScaleX is a sustainable community approach blurring boundaries across the scales “natural – built environment”, and “Urban – Building – Interior”, breaking boundaries on the scales of wealth, ethnicity, and cultural biases.

Nature – Built Environment

While built environment is defined by boundaries separating it from nature, and boundaries within built environment separating urban, building, and interior scales, boundaries on the scale of wealth, ethnicity, and cultural biases. ScaleX approach is meant to break all the boundaries.

The urban sprawl associated with the exponential growth of population, might seem like we are gaining ground for our species, while the truth is that we are losing the ground of our natural habitat. scaleX approach considers gaining ground through building landscapes for relationships and memories where communities can thrive in harmony with the ecosystem. This model is applied by extending the natural habitat by ecological corridors within urban scale and further till building and interior scales.

Urban – Building – Interior

scaleX focuses on the architecture scale as the intermediate level between urban and interior scales, where the urban district and interior spaces are extended to meet at the building scale, that has no defined boundaries and is fading into a Fabric of built landscapes.

Inclusion and culture

The built landscape on scaleX brings public spaces of urban scale within private units, allowing the presence and interaction of diverse cultures, backgrounds and species. And creating gathering nodes of human exhibition for art, creativity and education that embrace all backgrounds and abilities.


Following COVID, it is time to understand that conserving and restoring of nature is mandatory for preventing disease outbreaks. ScaleX promotes the concept of blending in and adapting with nature instead of the continuous human attempts to take over the planet.

COVID urged the need for city users to quality open spaces to interact, exercise and socialize, which is adopted in the scaleX by integrating city parks and public spaces up in the built landscape.

Home as the new workplace is a response to COVID, which unveiled benefits beyond preventing the spread of the virus, such as reduced carbon emissions, saved time and economic gains. scaleX addresses providing an adequate work-life space at homes.

The measures adopted in scaleX can help cities deal with the future possible shocks such as climate change, economic crisis, pandemic…etc.

Living Building

Using the latest communication technologies such Face recognition – internet of things – artificial intelligence – thermal cameras

Sustainability & Materials

FSC certified Cross Laminated Timber to be the main construction material reducing greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste, along with the improved thermal performance and a potential for cradle-to-cradle application.

The design adopts an environmentally responsible approach throughout the whole lifecycle, considering Nature, People and Economy.