Portfolio Project Detail

Sedimentary Society Lorena Knezevic

Like the layered strata formations of the Colorado mountains growing incrementally over time, strong, diverse communities are best formed when given a foundation that fosters and supports growth. Sedimentary Society is a co-living community in which residents are given agency to adapt their living spaces over time.

The idiom “Stretch your legs according to your coverlet” refers to a mentality of conscious consumption in which one only takes what is needed. This proposal encourages residents evolve their spatial demands according to their personal needs.

Unit types are strategically varied, and partition walls are panelized with the ability to manually merge adjacent units for an incremental expansion of space. In doing so, affordable housing remains economically viable through all stages of life from a single individual to multigenerational family.

Situated in a mix use zoning, the flexibility of the units provides opportunities to turn a studio into an office space, artist loft, or an artist gallery. This further enables growth by nurturing live/work and self-entrepreneurship.

Phase 1 of Construction includes Typical Residential Floor Levels 04-08. Siting upon a plinth with a 3-hour fire rated cast-in-place lid, the remaining construction explores the use of CLT “cross laminated timber” panelized Construction. Current building codes allow for a maximum of 5 levels of CLT construction. Phase 1 of construction anticipates structural support for remaining four levels of construction. With advancing technology and increasing testing of CLT construction, this proposal anticipates building codes to evolve to include high-rise CLT construction. This structure is designed to accomodate a full 12 floors, adding and additional 4 floors in the second phase of construction. In doing so, we are able to maximize the potential density of this size as per Dever Building Codes.