Portfolio Project Detail

SEED Ross Davidson, Ian Zapata, and Derek T Ackley

Greenwich Village was once known around the world as an epicenter of creativity and culture. Home to actors, artists, writers, and activists, Greenwich Village became the center of American Bohemianism. However, over the past 30 years, median household income in the area has nearly doubled, pricing out the residents that made Greenwich Village the cultural center it had become known for. What was once a dense hotbed of art, music, and other creative culture gave way to gentrification, reducing population density and increasing rent.

SEED is a co-living community that strives to reintroduce economic, cultural, and intellectual diversity into the neighborhood by providing affordable housing units as well as spaces for creative expression. Composed of different unit types that provide an array of levels of privacy and affordability, the SEED pods range from eight-person bunk rooms to studio apartments. The pod layouts are optimized to increase density and encourage community. Throughout the building, varying sizes of common areas break the larger community into smaller more intimate groups, allowing people with a range of backgrounds and personalities to collaborate, learn, and exchange ideas.

This is the first of many SEEDs. Additional communities can be planted within neighboring blocks of New York City, reinventing the bohemian way of life.