Portfolio Project Detail

SOCIALLIVING Fabio Jungstedt, Fernando Afonso, Jayne Pacheco, and Lucas Matheus

A big building with an open plan. Private and social modules to compose the typical floors. Future proof layout, with thousands of combinations accordingly to demand. Perfect symbiosis between live, work, relax and certainly the best place to socialize.

The SOCIALIVING project consists on not only to solve a specific site, but to offer a rational system capable to shelter human activities, cultural transformations and real estate aspirations at the same place.

A reduced carbon concrete central core with vertical circulation anchors the modular high-recycled steel structure frame composing a sustainable mixed superstructure system.

Internal spaces are made of light pinus wood panels, providing flexibility during the building life cycle. At the typical floors this open plan space can accommodate different sizes of communities, such as 1 person private bed and bath till 8 people sharing 2 baths. (4×1 maximum ratio).

Shared spaces such as living, and dining and a community harvesting kitchen provides a sense of community at each floor. The ground floor will be specific for each location, reflecting what make sense to the local community.