Portfolio Project Detail

SPEWNS-LA Quintavious Guyton and Baraka Al-Ramah (Keko)

Co-living is a form of living accommodation that has been around for centuries. As time progressed, co-living transitioned to more
of a situational form of living, later moving to a more desirable living auxiliary. When you think of co-living becoming a new way to
normally reside, does it seem ideal? Does it seem as though that is where we are moving towards? Is it where we already are? And
lastly, will this offer an aid towards the housing crisis around the world, especially in Los Angeles. Though, even if co-living could be
a temporary state for many, it still could turn out to work in the favor of many of its inhabitants. In an effort of finding the perfect
place to call home and aiding to the housing crisis; with consideration of the many different backgrounds, professional levels and
income levels, we wanted to conquer each and every dynamic that contributes to the mental and physical well-being of the
individuals that reside in a space. When conceptually designing, factors such as complexity, diversity, flexibility and purpose can be
suitable attributes that mold even the simplest concepts. Our concept of “SPEWNS” was derived from the qualities that we wanted
to present with our living auxiliary. SPEWNS aims to allow those who reside and inhabit the spaces the opportunity to Socialize,
Play, Eat, Work, Network and Sleep. Abbreviated, spells SPEWNS. The “LA” portion of that is also flipped, stated as Living Auxiliary,
instead of Los Angeles, but could be both. So SPEWNS LA, Socialize, Play, Eat, Work, Network, Sleep Living Auxiliary.