Portfolio Project Detail

SPUR Hamam AlMajali, Khalid El-Karaki, and Hussam Khoury

Given the city’s complex layers of historical preservation and urban fabric, a new layer of social construct is added, contributing to the richness of the city’s evolution. Spur, an elevated arts and culture web meanders through the city, spilling on to the existing streets below and connecting to existing pedestrian platforms, creating a juxtaposition between the existing social hub and the new Cultural Catalyst Pods.

This digital web integrates a series of entertainment pods that are strategically located between and attached to the buildings, while another series of pods may take over an empty plot of land. These pods will house musicians, artists, and professionals, creating a social environment for entertainment, and also a professional exchange of ideas.

During the day, the pods are rented out for start-ups, while at night they are transformed to house musicians and artists. The artists will take over the pods to display their performances, which will stretch for kilometers. Pedestrians can enjoy performances and art while they walk, or they can choose to invite themselves onto the platform and be part of something extraordinary while they watch the show. The digitized media along the network and pod facades will be tailored to the event, and will light up the surrounding spaces, playing with the 4th dimension of architecture, light.

In order to create and intertwine a sustainable social environment, the pods themselves are used as water catchments to harvest rainwater, and feed any softscape below each pod, while the rest of the water gets recycled back to storage tanks for later use. The connecting platforms between pods are held up by a series of sustainable flutes. These act as the structure, water catchment, and solar power generator for a climate controlled atmosphere due to the London weather conditions.

In order to support the Spur, which we are identifying as a Cultural Catalyst, users will be able to download the Spur app, to check out shows, RSVP to events, rent out a pod, or even live stream any event – anytime, anywhere, for a small monthly fee. The digital screens along the Spur will be utilized for advertisers & sponsors to use as digital billboards, and project along the existing building facades, which they are able to rent out, and in turn fund the Spur events.

The COVID pandemic has taught us that we need to re-evaluate our ways of socializing. It is our hope that Spur will regenerate arts and culture throughout the city, help with a new sense of community, and togetherness, and interlace a sustainable and social environment for the future.