Portfolio Project Detail

Subarb Tarun Albuquerque, Sudhir Ray, Somnath Mallick, and Ubaidi Wan

The site environs in Londonium of yore have seen more than a fair exposure to cataclysmic events that have shaped the great walled city of old London from the past and the present Brexio – Covid majeures into its current avatar of an urban fabric of dense mid to high-rise office towers that are in urgent need of functional renewal in order to keep pace with a post pandemic world.

Subarb envisions the Greening of Gresham , a concept of flexibility, adaptability, in function and form, in plan and elevation, a regenerative viral node that is designed to promulgate in a modular manner across the city to create pockets of live- work-play resilient to future cataclysmal events through human resilience and climate change mitigation. Subarb advocates the view that healthy people in healthy places equals a healthy economy.

The design attempts to reach the highest standards of Building sustainability both in terms of building and material reuse , of power and water consumption through low use water fixtures and retain water management , photovoltaic powered Led lighting. Green power for lighting the 24/7 people spaces to vegetative green roofs that control heat island temperatures while adding to occupant well being during stressed and normal times are envisioned.

Subarb reactivates the pedestrian level at the urban scale advocating myriad options for visitor flows to the Barbican, Guildhall and the museum of London through it environs. Subarb further amalgamates Cateaton Street, Maiden Lane, St. Anne’s Lane and Lad Lane.

  • Hive magnet : A Commercial & activated base strata of retail and common activities, both temporarily covered and building sheltered, that can be accessed and passed by through a criss cross of convenient routes to the cornucopia of historicity around the site.
  • Play work and Live: 6 floors of flexible Play – Work – Live ( PWL) unit typologies that offer one that ‘Home away from home’ comfort yet ever ready to morph into a less dense, green zone suitable for relaxed recreation and designed solitude during an event mode.
  • Green print: A roof to the heavens that can terrace from below in a stressed event otherwise a placid bosque of vegetation cooling its environs while being a catchment area for rainfall and green eye candy to its neighbors.

Buisiness Viability

A governmental initiative to build, operate and maintain subarb nodes through an operator is a concept in which units are leased temporarily as homes away from homes, much like hotels. Guest lease out units at competitive rates .Awareness of the building parameters from an occupant standpoint is made through a mobile application. Continuous enrollment as tenant gives one tax benefits in ones working life with the focus being targeted towards a young, working and active workforce.

In an stressed event that is of considerable duration and occupants return to their homes,  the pods in the building can be converted into care centers by the government.