Portfolio Project Detail

Suburbs Rising Amr Sobhy Sayed Ibrahim, Mahmoud Mahmoud, and Maged Ahmed Mokhtar

A birth of new building typology that caters to every basic need in our daily routine with respect to new post pandemic challenges. Economists said “Sell City, Buy Suburb”, We say “Infuse Suburb in the city”. Our organism creates the sense of openness people valued but forgot, By weaving public spaces of “Live, Work, Learn, Play ” while adding a sense of safety much needed in the post-Covid era.


Covid hit the world at all Life aspects ( Social life / work life / Education / Breakout Time)

  • Humankind retreated to a tight bubble / shell that we try to fit all our life routine inside.
  • The result affected mental health & tested it’s psychological limits as all our needs are fulfilled in same safe space “ Our Home became our World “.
  • Social Distancing became a problematic byproduct of the pandemic.
  • Pre-Pandemic commute situation already put a strain on people’s lives even before the added safety regulations of public transportation during Pandemic.

Design Response

Our New Haven responds to all challenges that the pandemic poses & London urban height limitations, By creating a New Home “New World” where Living,Working,Learning,Playing co-exist in same place with added sense of safety.

  • The way world expected to life post pandemic is a strict isolation 2m Bubble as a safe space, In reality People expanded the radius of the bubble to include others with similar behavior to their safe life style . “2m turns to 12m”
  • Our Building weaves all of our life basic needs into one community that share similar behavior within their typical daily routine “12m turns to 200m”
  • London heights fabric ranges between 8-10 stories buildings & clustering the high rises together, Our organism stands as the beacon of the future post-pandemic Architecture infused with future urbanism, As it takes a plot in the heart of the city but gives more suburb spaces than a regular use of the plot.
  • With a flexible design the revolutions can be less or more depending on the skyline & location fabric of the plot.