Portfolio Project Detail

The Capsule Ayman AboElmagd, Bishoy Edward, and Linda Aidy

“Extraordinary times” require extraordinary design. 

There is no doubt that every era has impacted our architecture in many ways. Architecture has been changing over the past period as a result of crisis attacks that have altered the way we look at buildings. London’s architecture has always been a reflection of the societal state whether on crisis scales or in renaissance generations.

The Capsule is the new architectural trend to act as an anti-attack representative model of the Covid-19 pandemic era.

We have studied how hard this pandemic was for our cities. It has exacerbated economic shortfalls and accelerated the demand on health-care systems particularly which has got cities hit hard worldwide. Also, people’s priorities and culture has been altered after the social distancing requirements.

Yet, we believe that changes are required at every level by everybody, from the individual to the national and global stage, to emerge from this crisis successfully.

Project Vision: A new weapon against all-time attacks; virus pandemics, wars or any social crisis.

Project Mission: To revive the missing pieces of the societal systems and to promote the cities to get back on track, yet, adapting to the new “norm”.

Project Goal: To create a human-centric society that is self-dependent, self-efficient and interconnected.

The Capsule is a development of capsulated mixed-model units that are repetitive along the site. This capsule is designed to trigger the three main pillars of the pandemic trace;

Live/Work/Play System

Holistic place where live, work, play, creation, and socialization occur together, in comfort, safety, and tranquility. Each capsule is stacked vertically on a different level to control the public mass and social distancing tracing.

Socio-Economic Growth

Integration of flexible-designed units merging societal support functions in between the capsules such as business sectors/offices, healthcare facilities, childcare units and markets to promote the liability of the economic state. Adaptive reuse approaches are becoming vital in our emergency responses allowing for rapid action. Including a series of adjustable walls and screens that would be used to segment an open-plan apartment into various dedicated spaces.

Social Awareness

Promoting social distancing by organizing individual spaces separated by areas of vegetation and by vertical adjacency while reviving the missed social values. It provides the possibility to reconfigure the design after the pandemic is under control.

In this way, if we can evolve our domestic fabrics towards small-scale collectives of ethically powered, well-insulated individual homes focused around disassembly design, healthy-living, community, sustainability and inter-generational support, we might yet thrive in, and beyond, the Corona era.

Only one repetitive model could promote our buildings to change and adapt to the new norm making it easy to upgrade, downsize, add/remove services or swap cities as requirements change.

Sustainability in our project is an anti-virus built environment; from immunity boosting homes to green areas and gardens, exploitable rooftops, natural light, and ventilation, balconies, and terraces, minimal and wholesome indoor environments, transitional and filtered entrances.

Now is a time to solidify community and come together, not fracture apart.