Portfolio Project Detail

The Cell Mina Guirguis and Marina Mourad

“The danger is in the streets, the threat is in public mass “

With hundreds of questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine, we don’t have a solid ground to fight against the virus, but we can adapt.

We need to live, work and play on the same spot, here comes the idea of the Cell complex, a mixed use building that has residential units , office spaces , recreational facilities and retail markets.

A building that enhances your experience and encourage you to spend much more time occupying it

With almost no walls at office spaces and the to achieve thermal comfort, a new concept was introduced, movable modular partitions that define the cell space, a glass capsule that achieve social distance and thermally controlled, yet totally flexible, can be put together to meet the needed employee traffic or just disassembled to save floor area that can add further income particularly for site with a high value and demand

The Building deliver many concepts to ensure maximum benefits for :


  • With the mixed use space program, the building will be occupied around the hour increasing it’s value , monthly revenue

Socially :

  • The building has been raised above ground to introduce a public plaza to serve the nearby community.
  • The retail and recreational spaces have been introduced in this particular site to serve the community as all the nearby building are either residential or office spaces
  • The introduction of large green areas in the residential tower will enhance the user experience through lockdown periods


  • The building increases the green areas footprint with the added green areas at the building rooftops
  • The introduction of PV cells to help reduce the energy consumption
  • The use of natural ventilation
  • The use of a small and only needed volume of occupancy of the cell concept ensure maximum efficient for HVAC system