Portfolio Project Detail

The LivinGrid Ahmed Negm, Ansary Abdellatif, Dalia Abulela, and Abdallah SalahAbdallah

The Livingrid building located in the heart of London is a building concept that offers a full life experience inside it. Its name is inspired from the living organisms’ ability to adapt, grow, evolve & learn. The Livingrid is evolving every second according to the data it collects from various sources, so that the building can cope with & offer its services under any circumstances that may result due to COVID-19 or any other pandemic. The concept is derived from 5 main axis:


  • According to a study by (Naglaa et al., 2020) buildings & Cities must be low dense for a safer environment, also buildings shall expand horizontally to avoid crowdedness. In a large metropolis as London this makes a paradox. Especially that latest studies prove that 68% of the population will be living in cities by 2050. The Livingrid offers a solution for this problem by a set of mini cores that serve a limited number of people.
  • The same study proves that improved air quality is a must after COVID-19. The building’s form (using prefab Modular Building technology) is porous allowing each unit of the building to have four naturally ventilated facades that see sun light.
  • After lockdown was adopted in many countries, the mental health was affected and many people suffered psychological problems from loneliness. Livingrid guarantees a full healthy life that respects the WHO guidelines where people can interact safely.
  • It uses anti-bacterial, easily cleaned materials, it also adopts a touch free technology to minimize infection by surfaces contact.
  • Using the BMS (behavior monitoring system) human behavior is monitored to continuously improve the design to match human behavior and achieve WHO guidelines.

Designing & Delivering for Public Good:

  • Livingrid is a place where you live, play & work. It offers its various services to the community. Extra spaces in the facilities that exceed the residents’ needs are available for non-residents through the Livingrid app.
  • There are specific cores for non-residents.
  • The Livingrid app is connected to its users’ medical history uploaded on the cloud as it only accepts COVID free people.

Adaptable & Data Driven:

  • Livingrid Software collects data from WHO, BMS & many online sources, this data is used to know future needs in any given scenario so the building is modified accordingly. So that the building is evolving every second. This is inspired by the PDSA (plan-do-study-act) continuous way of thinking.
  • Thanks to the Modular Building Technology the building is easily modified.


  • The Livingrid adopts touch free technology to limit infection by contact where all facilities & cores are accessed using QR code generated by the app.
  • The use of modular building prefab units.
  • Using BMS visitors that don’t follow WHO guidelines are subject to points decrease. Low score means you cannot enter the facilities, while high score gives access to fancy facilities.


  • The modular building is a very economical solution.
  • This technology offers flexible building that fits in any land plot.
  • Fast construction method.