Portfolio Project Detail

The Movement of Place Rick Barcelow and Jonathan Chester

The demand for urban living accommodations is rapidly increasing. Renters are frequently out priced. Movement of people between buildings, cities and countries is booming. As we move, we leave our sense of place behind.

This project proposes a new housing typology in which renters bring their unique place with them when they move. With apartment units designed in shipping containers, when moving, people take their homes and slot them directly into a new building. Slots will be available for rent and for purchase and occupants will receive reimbursements for volunteering to tend to the property gardens and building upkeep.

The large roofscape of this prototype allows for ample rainwater harvesting. Each unit slot has hookup to HVAC and electric, but each unit can be passively cooled through the operable windows. The large windows provide enough daytime light for occupants to conduct basic tasks without the use of electric lights. Every unit has either a view to an outdoor atrium filled with live plants, or one directly to the outdoors.