Portfolio Project Detail

THE SPARK Noha Mahdy and Riham Farouk


The building represents the Spark of life during the tough times the world is facing nowadays. The mass composition was meant to highlight the concept representing the rising of London city after the pandemic as the podium mass emerged from the underground as a sign of revival and survival of mankind through architecture and innovative adaptable building design. Along-side the emerging of the building, the Life Pods concept was introduced as a sign of the development in the healthcare field that we should seek in our future life to overcome the challenges the world is facing now and in the coming future.

Moreover, the world should be directed into complex smart buildings where people can live, work and entertain at the same time, where buildings can act as a complete inclusive (isolated if needed) community, however without the feeling of a complete sense of isolation so the concept of bringing the outside to the inside was a must by incorporating urban spaces inside the building through utilizing the building mass modules and orientation allowing for more open outdoor areas and softscape elements inside the building. Digital Connection and Virtual interactive life became essential as the whole world was turning to it as a safe haven.

Pods of Life:

All building occupants are connected through a mobile application where every single person inside this building enters his/her health database on this application. this mobile application is connected to the life pods network which alternatively connected to the nearest central Hospital in this area, whenever somebody is not feeling well or sensing any kind of danger (covid symptoms or maybe something else) they can send an alert through this mobile app. connecting the harmed person to the life pod and in minutes the patient is being transferred to the clinical spaces at the podium floor through the life pods with minimal human interaction and then to the nearest Hospital (once needed).