Portfolio Project Detail

The Transmigration Tamara Bdour, Yousef AbuQube, Aya Khawaldeh, and Omar Al-Shami

Given that the site is Located in an area where no sufficient outdoor spaces provided, and the fact that Social need is the base of rehabilitation, our living design approach is where we trust in the reincarnation of space and social needs, by creating a well-balanced, dynamic, and integrated vertical urban park with mixed use development, where we believe that the current crisis is only reinforcing the crucial role that public places play in bringing people together and promoting health and well-being. As a Recovering approach from the economic and societal crisis, we imagine that resurgence is going to occur by providing transitional spaces that are much simpler to modify or adapt, which can give the maximum return on capital and human investment. We put together a configuration of systematic cubic modules, designed to serve people’s needs, where people can vent and practice there day to day activities in a healthy & safe semi outdoor environment, the cube shape was adopted for it is a symbol of stability and permanence. By choosing a prefabricated modular design, we aim to have a wide range of flexibility & sustainability that contributes in connecting the bridge between today and future.