Portfolio Project Detail

The Urban Hive Nicholas Michelin and Ryan Chester

The Urban Hive is a modular high-rise co-living tower in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood. This design encourages social interaction and focuses on shared spaces and amenities rather than individual private rooms for residents. An existing single story structure is integrated into the design which retains its current function as an event space. The second floor of the tower provides additional event space for visitors and residents. Typical residential floors focus on communal kitchens, dining and living spaces which are at the heart of each modular “pod”. These pods can be constructed in different two story configurations and stacked to create an efficient tower. The sustainable features of this project are focused on the roof and building enclosure. An extensively vegetative roof with a working garden provide food and rainwater harvesting. A building long photovoltaic array provides power to all communal spaces and large building set backs allow for large areas of glass as well as shade to reduce thermal gains in warm weather. This very small site provides 24 units on each floor (384 beds in 18 floors) and the modularity of construction can allow for similar buildings in other cities.