Portfolio Project Detail

Tidal House Xiaoyuan Zhang and Chengzhang Zhang

The emerging era of Co-Living is challenging fixed, pre-defined and single-programmed space. Tidal House, a new prototype of affordable housing, responds to the Idea of Co-Living by introducing intermediate and ambiguous space in housing. Embracing the subtle gradient from public to private, Tidal House is established under the scale of Public- Communal- Household- Individual, while encouraging the fluid shift happened between these scales. Being aware of the dilemma that New York is in desperate need of affordability while reluctant of losing living dignity, Tidal House introduces bunk-bed style based on complementary usage of living and sleeping space. Facing the sustainable challenges, Tidal House addresses potential sea level rise and solves the daylight problem.

Shifting wall, operable entry and sofa bed are the three “valves” to make Tidal House happen. Shifting wall would give permit to multiple programs to happen in the same place. Operable entry integrates big cabinet, exhibition cupboard and shoe shelves with the entrance to each household, thus increasing the interaction between each house unit and the communal space. Sofa bed optimizes the room occupancy by allowing living-sleeping transit happening in a 24-hour cycle.

Public, Communal, Household and Individual spaces are addressed in Tidal House. Instead of separating these different spaces with clear boundaries, we intentionally overlap these spaces, thus creating three “Tidal Spaces” at the intersection of Public and Communal, Communal and Household, Household and Individual.

Cost Less. Strategically overlapping living/dining space with sleeping space, we are allowing one more residents in a traditional three bedrooms housing unit without losing any of the living or dining space. At our site in West Village, New York, rent per person drops from $1533 to $1150, by 25 percent.

Earn More. Communal Space in Tidal House is free to be partially used as cooperative office or incubator, and Public Space is open to be utilized as event space, exhibition or small sales center. Residents in Tidal House are encouraged to make use of both Communal and Public Space to earn profits with their expertise.

Elevated floors help accommodate potential sea level rise in this region. Both flood-able and safe area is provided by introducing multiple elevations of 4’ and 6’. Within the boundary of the original vertical structure (half utilized in this project), a backyard and a narrow side-yard are created to allow both daylight and vegetation.

Tidal Space 1
Shifting wall locates at the intersection of Public and Communal Space, which could be used internally as cooperative working space, or externally as exhibition/event hub.

Tidal Space 2
Operable entry locates at the intersection of Communal and Household Space, which could be used both internally (by household) and externally (by community) as cabinet or open shelves.

Tidal Space 3
Sofa bed locates at the intersection of Household and Individual Space, which functions as sofa during the day and as bed at night. Resident living there is required to make the shift happen everyday.