Portfolio Project Detail

UNDER ONE CANOPY Vanessa Eickhoff, Tyler MacNeal, and Jeremiah Collatz

Co-Living concepts are proliferating in cities in response to an increasingly untenable cost of living for many residents and the failure of traditional modes of housing and development to provide cost effective options for people whose work and lives are centered in the city. Cohabitation challenges assumptions about the balance between private and shared space, more effectively distributing the costs of housing infrastructure, and providing more equitable access to common amenities. Residents benefit from greater opportunities for social interactions and community building.

Under One Canopy pushes the balance between private and shared spaces further, framing the context of common space not only within the building but within the greater Arts District neighborhood of Los Angeles. While the neighborhood has seen increasing housing and retail development in recent years, these activities have been almost exclusively oriented towards attracting an affluent demographic from elsewhere in the city, and have provided fewer benefits to broader populations nearby. Los Angeles suffers from a scarcity of public gathering space. Further, green spaces and shaded spaces exist overwhelmingly in the private realm, in a climate where both are critical to health and wellbeing. This project provides a dynamic shaded park space as both a building and a public amenity.

Within the building, private space is configured to appeal as much to young professionals more typically served by co-living concepts as it does to families from nearby neighborhoods who may be facing displacement by gentrification. Generous indoor living and recreational spaces benefit from the character of the existing warehouse building, and reservable spaces support the work of single or groups of resident entrepreneurs, artists, or professionals. A rotating pop-up retail space fronting the park and street is programmed by resident workers, providing opportunities for exhibitions and entrepreneurial start-ups. Vacant neighboring parcels to the north and west are proposed to be developed as continued public space and a new center for the city’s vibrant and diverse food truck culture. Park-fronting amenities serve to activate the newly created public outdoor space, where an iconic canopy welcomes the larger community to come together.