Portfolio Project Detail

Up & About (The Shield) Radwa Medhat, Ahmed AbdelHassibMohamed, and Hazem MohamedHassan

To achieve the project’s goal, we have sought to create a Mixed use sustainable & vigorous lifestyle building that can shield people from viruses and generate its own clean air, power, recycle waste, and reduce water consumption in addition to rainwater collection systems.

Our strategy is to create a high-tech shield (skin) integrated with the building’s ventilating system purifying the air and building naturally, which eliminate bacteria and viruses, without the need for expensive filtration devices.

Also, the Tio2 Could be used in interior and exterior paints, pavement, and roof tiles.Its application can contribute to, not only the longer lifespan of the materials it coats, but also to energy efficiency. Hence this concept can reduce smog in cities by between 19 and 45 % it can significantly reduce heat build-up inside, it can significantly reduce heat build-up inside can help tackle the ‘urban heat island effect’