Portfolio Project Detail

Urban Medicine Sara ElChaer and Rabih Bitar

The constant rise of number of people living in cities is still causing different problems such as pollution, traffic jams, energy consumption and lack of public spaces. It is with no doubt that the COVID pandemic has caused deterioration in our health care, economic and social aspects. However, this slowdown has improved air quality in different cities in the world. That is why our intervention will maintain the environmental upgrading and advertise the social and economical aspects in the post COVID city.

Noting the above, the main target of the “Urban Medicine” proposed in this project is to implement a new strategy of living that can help recreate new interactive spaces. We will be adopting sustainable and smart methods where people living in London can enjoy their activities after reserving their new hive-patterned cell(s) in the streets via smart phones. Adding to the above, a new urban furniture is being introduced as well in London’s smart platform of streets, providing heat during cold weather, hotspot Wi-Fi, power receptacles supplied by solar panels or by transforming human energy while exercising underneath it, and rain water collection.

As for the greenery, which is the best scenery, it is sometimes elevated on its top to save space in a way allowing people to gather underneath, thus serving their activities.

The intervention is located at the culture mile street; it is a prototype that can be extended all over the city of London and might be contagious to the entire world!